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Car Air Conditioning

Aircon Servicing in Whangarei

Not as cold as it used to be? The most common cause of an Air Conditioning System lacking in ability to provide cold air out of the vents is that some of the refrigerant (gas) has leaked out of the system. This is usually a case of adding some gas back in to the system to revive the ability to cool. This is not an expensive exercise. Sometimes the leak is severe in which case it will need to be remedied before it will hold the refrigerant again. We can pressure test the system to ensure the gas we put in, stays in. Our Technicians are trained & skilled in Automotive Air-conditioning Systems & are able to provide the correct solution and ensure your system is performing to its optimum.


Bad Smell? Mould, bacteria & fungi can grow in inside your air conditioning system leaving unpleasant odours; we can sanitize the system without dismantling saving time & money.


Call our professional team today to get the cold back into your car.

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