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Auto & Marine Electrical

Servicing Cars & Boats in Whangarei

Auto Electrical

We specialize in diagnosis, repair & installation of all electrical systems in cars boats & machinery, we have a mobile service & skilled technicians with the ability to service, diagnose & install all DC electrical systems. From daytime running lights to tail lights & everything electrical in between. We carry HID Headlamp wiring kits, ballasts & Bulbs, replacement LED bulbs, fog lights, trailer wiring, tinned wire and so much more.



 An alternator is the unit bolted to the engine & driven by a belt which has the task of generating electricity for everything on the car & maintaining the battery in a full state. Like everything, in time they do wear out or fail. Most modern vehicles have alternators controlled by the engine management computer. At Auto Tech we have the equipment & skill needed to correctly diagnose any charging system fault & carry out any remedial work that is required. If the alternator has failed, we carry complete alternators in stock for most common makes & models. Call our team of professionals for help.

Starter Motor

The starter Motor is an electric motor that connects to the engine & starts it using electricity that has been stored in the battery. For the starter motor to start your engine, it needs a good battery & good electrical connections on the cables going to it. If your car doesn’t start, there could be a number of things in the starting circuit causing this. Finding which part is what we are trained to do. If the starter motor has failed, we carry replacement starters for most common makes & models. We can help, call us.



Central Locking

A central locking system comprises of electric motors in all the opening doors & wiring back to a control box, usually mounted under the dash. Some incorporate boot release systems. At Auto Tech we have vast experience in diagnose & repair of central locking systems. Installing Keyless Entry easily into any vehicle that already has central locking in it is a specialty of ours. Call in today



Vehicle Security

Alarms & immobilisers have been a part of our business for over 25 Years. We are approved installers. With experience in installation & repair of Vehicle Security Systems including DYNATRON, AVS, MONGOOSE, CYCLOPS, UNIDEN, AUTO WATCH & PLC. We can install GPS tracking systems for vehicle or fleet monitoring. We carry replacement remotes in stock for most of the common models. Call the team today.



Electric Windows

Power windows are fitted to almost every vehicle on the road, they get a lot of use & we get a lot experience servicing them. Nothing more annoying than your window goes down, then decides to stop working. Switches are the most common problem & usually can be repaired without great expense. We carry some common switches in stock should they need replacing. Let us take care of yours.


Windscreen Wipers

With Northland rain, our vehicles windscreen wipers get a regular workout. Our technicians have knowledge of the mechanical & electrical systems that make your wipers go back & forth. From changing wiper blades to servicing wiper motors, call us, we can help.



Speedometer & Instrument Servicing

Auto Tech Northland LTD was formerly Whangarei Instruments & we have continued servicing & supplying instruments in cars boats & trucks. From making speedo cables & throttle cables, providing temp & oil pressure senders to suit any application, Servicing & calibrating speedometers, tachos, rev counters, tachourmeters, fuel gauges, temperature gauges. We do it all.


Reverse Cameras

Reverse cameras are now fitted to many vehicles from new. They are great for allowing accurate parking but more importantly reduce the possibility or backing over a child. We have been retrofitting them to vehicles for some time. With discrete cameras that are hardly visible & rear view mirror type displays they make a tidy installation. Bring your vehicle in for a Quote on having one installed into your vehicle.

Daytime Running Lights

A great safety innovation, LED lights fitted to the front of your vehicle switched on during the day make you far more visible. Other road users, drivers & riders of trucks, cars, motorcycles and bicycles are much less likely to collide with you or pull out in front of you if your vehicle is fitted with daytime running lights. We stock the right lights to suit your style & budget. Call us today & have some fitted to your vehicle.



Car Audio has been part of our business for over 15 years. Whether you are looking for a new sound system or servicing your existing system, we can help. From i-Pod interface to complete systems with overhead DVD players to keep kids in the back content. We Install DOMAIN brand, which comes with all the features you would expect but at a price you can afford. Get your car into us, we’ll make it easy.


Marine Electrical & Wiring

Bilge pump stopped pumping? From trailer boats to commercial fishing boats to yachts. Batteries, Charging systems & battery management systems, Navigation lights, Anchor winches, rewiring. We can help with a job that is tailored to your budget & your needs. We travel frequently to Tutukaka & Marsden Cove to service vessels of all shapes & sizes. Call us today.


Trailer Electrical & Wiring

Failed a WOF? Whether it is a connector, bulb or rewire & fitting Trailer submersible LED lights, we are practiced at all aspects of trailer electrical systems. Electric trailer brakes & brake controllers fitted. LED trailer lights & brake controllers are in stock. Let us solve your problems.


Motorhome Electrical & Wiring

Electrical systems on motorhomes are always being added to as the next new gadget becomes available. We stock flexible solar panels & can supply panels of all shapes & sizes. The price of large panels now being quite realistic it is a great way to keep your batteries full. Not only does it give you more power, it makes your batteries last longer. We also stock LED lights for motorhomes & boats, these use a fraction of the current of filament type bulbs. Our team of professionals know about the needs of motorhomes & their electrical systems. Call us for the best advice & service


Solar Panels

Solar charging systems are now affordable & once the panels & regulator have been fitted give you free, silent electricity. Excellent for recharging batteries in all applications. We carry rigid solar panels, suitable for boats, campers & off the grid power systems.


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