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Diagnostics & Performance 

Keeping up with automotive electronic systems is what we are good at! Each year we spend many thousands of dollars in Training, Equipment & Information to allow us to keep up with the ever changing electronic control systems manufacturers install into their new vehicles. We have 14 different diagnostic scanners including Snap-On, Autoland, Autoboss, Launch, DEC Auto, Autel, Tech 2  and Auto Logic. We can reprogram all electronic systems on these vehicles, from software updates to diagnostic.


Diagnosis of these systems is fast & accurate, saving you time & money.


  • Check Engine - Engine Management (EFI)Diagnostics & Performance Tuning

  • Key Coding – New keys in stock for Holden Commodore

  • ABS - Anti-lock Braking System

  • BCM - Body Control module

  • ESP - Electronic Stability Program

  • SRS - Supplementary Restraint System (Air Bags)

  • Trac /Control - Traction & Stability Control System

  • EPS - Electronic Power Steering

  • 4WS - Four Wheel Steer

  • Brake Pad - Brake pad wear

  • Brake Fluid - Low brake fluid or Brake Pressure

  • Charge - Alternator, Battery charging System

  • Oil - Low Engine Oil or Oil Pressure

  • Engine Service - Engine servicing required soon

Bring your vehicle to the people that know at Auto Tech.

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